Analyzing the needs of an increasingly demanding market, particularly the frequent requests from clients and other interested parties due to time constraints or lack of competent personnel, Isomont Ltd. has introduced maintenance of implemented systems and independent verification, also known as third-party audit, into its service portfolio.

The focus of the maintenance of implemented systems service is to engage our competent consultants in assisting clients in maintaining and continuously improving their implemented system(s). Depending on the client’s requirements and needs, our on-site consultants help the client in updating established documented information, innovating them, and providing recommendations for the continuous improvement of the established system.



This audit is a service we provide to our clients who want to better prepare for and succeed in a surveillance audit conducted by a certification body. The service involves gathering evidence of the degree of compliance of business processes with specific standards requirements. The result is a final report that includes the audit results confirming compliance with the specific standard requirements, as well as specific recommendations for improvement. The audit is conducted by our competent employees with years of experience in conducting external audits.