FSC CoCFSC CoC - Forest Stevardship Council®

Chain of Custody

FSC CoCFSC CoC - Forest Stevardship Council®

Chain of Custody

Consumers are becoming increasingly critical. They increasingly want products that are also manufactured according to ecological and social criteria. With the FSC® logo, companies ensure that wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Certified companies can put the FSC® logo directly on the goods and advertise it. Against the background of the growing number of critical consumers and the growing awareness of FSC®, companies with FSC® have a simple management tool to do business sustainably and to communicate this credibly.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) was founded in 1993 by environmental organizations, representatives of local ethnic groups and companies in the forestry and timber industry as a worldwide, independent and non-profit organization. The FSC® is a member organization that is open to all natural and legal persons.

Certification Program for Sustainable Forest Management Chain of Custody

The certification of the wood flow offers the woodworking and processing industry, suppliers and buyers, as well as wholesale and retail a number of advantages:

They are listed in the purchasing guide and on the homepage of the international umbrella organization PEFC.

You can improve market access: surveys show that customers are demanding more and more wood and wood products that are proven to come from certified forests.

They can demonstrate their sense of responsibility and their commitment to the environment in terms of sustainable development.

You can use certification as an instrument for risk prevention (“carefree consumption”).

You can improve the image of the timber sector.

By using the logo, they signal higher acceptance and credibility with the customer, who value a proof of origin.

You get more confidence that the wood does not come from controversial sources.

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